Monday, April 23

All over Houndstooth dress: Inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo

Houndstooth print seems to be in and out of style over and over again. We've seen it all, in different shapes and styles. Houndstooth purses, shoes, clutches, and even furniture as the one seen in picture below with K.K. This classic print screams loudness but yet it is classy and sophisticated. I myself have a houndstooth skirt and clutch bag which I use for special occasions only such as for x-mas dinner parties or anytime during holiday season. Somehow, everybody seems to notice me when I enter the room wearing either one of these items. A houndstooth piece surely will let the crowd know that you are around. It is loud, contrasting and fun to wear from time to time.  You can add bold colors to it or simply pair it with classic black pump shoes with red platforms. You just got to love 'em all!
I have been seeing stars such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adrienne Bailon, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in the media rocking Salvatore Ferragamo's houndstooth collection off the runway which I absolutely adore. Of course, if you would like a look for MUCH  MUCH  less, why not dare to try this all over houndstooth print dress available at Pure.? It features a one shoulder strap, rushed sides, comes in black and white as seen in the picture, it stretches as it's made out of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex which helps it fit tightly to any shape. Whether you are a medium, large or a small gal, this is the perfect replacement for the inspired designer wear. And pleaseee, don't be fool by the pictures, it doesn't really give the dress its justice! I've seen it on my clientele and we've all been in shock when dress is worn by people with curves. Really an excellent find for all curvacious women in Curacao.
Dress is available in S, M and L and sells for NAF. 50,- feel free to place your orders at

Saturday, April 21

Camouflaging what we hate most

Colorblock dresses with black side panels are the best way to instantly look slimmer. The black at the side of the dresses automatically distract the eyes from bulges and/or side "muffing rolls" giving the impression of a clean hour glass shape. The simple fact that we have one available that is strapless and made of quality material that will help that stomach fit tightly in will almost make you feel like you've lost 2 pounds in a minute makes it one of the fabulous picks of this collection. I personally love colorblock dresses as you are able to play around with them with shoes and bags but I especially have fallen for this mustard yellow/black dress. This one is available in small, medium and large sizes and sells for only NAF. 55,-.

Check out below DKNY colorblock dress that sells for $345 and this cap sleeve side panel dress from Alfani. These designers surely acknowledge the importance of making women feel fitted in their own skin. At Pure. we'd love to introduce these kind of looks that flatters every figure! We have these similar pieces for much less.



Pure. dress for only fl. 55,- (S,M,L) Materials: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

Thursday, April 19

Do you think you're beautiful?

Or not???  What would our clothes say about one another? Probably nothing. And you that are reading this post may also think the same way.  That is how beautiful people are supposed to react,…naturally. Beautiful people are the ones that show it naturally without trying too hard. Beautiful people are the ones who believe that what they do is right and won’t hesitate to do so. Not even a second guess!  Your clothes won’t define you who you are. In one word: Inspiration. Be inspired to be yourself, dress how you like, what you feel fits bets. Make yourself feel attractive to attract to one another. Beauty defines what’s within, something that just makes people want to be around you, and not be push away from you.

These are some thoughts that just popped in my head. Thank you to my loyal Purettes. You taught me right. I will be guiding you in times you need help. To reassure you that fashionable finds are not hard to get? Or bring change in a conventional wardrobe to one that you've been dreaming to have? Thank you for all the support.  As you were always there, I’ll also be...!

P.S. Just look back at our Beauty Tip of the day; It all refers back to what I am trying to explain..


Dresses are in ♥

Dear Purettes!

After having you wait for awhile, I'm happy to share with you that the dresses are finally here :)

More styles to come due next week so please keep checking this page.

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Friday, April 6

Pure. Collection available for Pre order

Ref 05-06 Aqua/Magenta floral tube dress (S,M,L) Naf .55,-

Ref 05-02 Black turtleneck lace overlay dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-
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Pure. Runway Look S/S Collection.wmv


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