Thursday, August 16

Head over Heels

You've seen the famous animal print outfits that come and go for the past years. We've also seen flowers print and even geomatric/ kaleidoscope prints especially in for the summer time, but for the 2012 Spring/Summer season, Dolce & Gabanna came with this orginal idea to print vegetable on their dresses. Yes as in chilli hot peppers, onions and tomatoes. The vegetable print dresses is an example of this new hot trend that has taken over Hollywood and suitable for the most daring fashion diva out there. Not just veggies are printed now on suits, even horses, birds, and fishes prints were spotted during Movie Premiers and on celebrities who attended fashion shows and so on. So it's safe to say that many designers and department stores such as Miu Miu and ASOS has adopted this new trend ever since. Why spend so much money on such trends that come and go and sport an inexpensive piece from Pure.?
This cute all over heels print dress we have available features boots and heels from top to bottom ALL OVER. And the best part is that all the heels shown on this dress are surely very stylish footwear. Checkout the all over heels print dress that Louis Vuitton introduced during their F/W 2011 Fashion Show. The one we have comes in Small, Medium, Large and it's the best take on the designer dress. To be straight with you, the Louis Vuitton shoe print piece from their 2011 collection looks quite grand ma-ish and it wouldn't fit appropiately for young adults and professionals. So I bet that the one we have in stock it's even cuter and more age appropiate (ages 16-35 ish)! Don't you agree? So my question is now, would you dare to sport an all over shoe dress to an event or night out with the ladies? I bet I would, and I love the material it's made of since it fits tight to the body which always makes us look sexy yet it doesn't show too much skin.

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