Tuesday, May 29

NEW Arrivals ♥

New Party dresses
New Club dresses
New Casual dresses
New Jumpsuits
New Tops
New Shorts
In Small, Medium and Large

XL, XXL and XXXL also available!

Add me on BBM for appointments: 29BD21AF

Price range between FL. 40 and 55,-

FULL catalog of collection will be up soon...! Until then,'s a preview

Ref 01-01 Sequin/animal print club dress. NAF. 55,-

Ref 01-02 Open shoulder mini dress. NAF.50,-

Ref 01-03 Denim Strapless dress. NAF. 50,-

Ref 01-04 Red/White keyhole dress. NAF. 50,-

Ref 01-05 Coral booty shorts. NAF. 45,-

Sunday, May 27

Curacao FW Make-up by Vendetta

Took the liberty of creating a collage for a friend Vendetta Maat (known as Maxima Maat on FB), of the make-up she did on me for Curacao Fashion Week. "Detta" uses MAC, Inglot, Revlon, Maybeline NY and Milan cosmetics on her clients. "Detta" was also the make-up artist during the Pure photoshoot for our online catalog, just check out the banner at the top of this page or click HERE for more photos. She has assisted carnaval groups with their fantasy make-up and has worked at Otro Kara to say the least. Her asking price is better than what you may think...!

In this picture: Smokey-grey, Purple-smokey, & Pink-smokey looks

April 28th photoshoot make-up on models
 She did a great job since I've received various compliments about my smokey eyes especially on the last night of the event. Pictures were taken with a phone cam but trust me, the eyes looked way better in person. I wanted to try smokey for all looks since I cannot do it myself and never did it before. Too bad that I didn't take a picture of the first night but for that one we tried complete different colors than what you can see here namely, smokey-aqua with a blend of soft red. 
Thank you Detta for taking the time to assist me with my make-up for the week.

Do you need your make-up done professionally for your next event? She offers on location services as well! Send her an e-mail through us for special discount prices, group prices, you name it! 

Happy Sunday from Pure. Runway Look for Less

Saturday, May 26

Undergoing some changes ...may be good or bad....nevertheless, stay tune

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."
William Arthur Ward



Friday, May 25

Just where I fit in. Local talent on Day 4-Curacao FW

Last night CIFW had a full house for the last scheduled runway show. I assume that all the buzz this created throughout the week made it a must be there on Thursday night moment. Needless to say even the Prime Minister Schotte and Minister of Finance Jamaloodin were in the building. The show started off with a creative zombie/psycho theme by native designer David Paulus. Which by the way I was curious to meet and so I did. David's use of solid color chiffon fabrics with sequin details made each dress feminine and fluffy that lasts decades. The choice of colors of fabrics for these looks were yellow, soft pink and nude. To complete the look on the models, David paired the styles with crazy heel-less shoes that were first spotted on Lady Gaga and has become a hit ever since. Besides chiffon dresses, ruffled silk skirts that gives the illusion of layers on layers were seen to long power shoulder thin silk dresses combined with chiffon materials and cute jumpsuits and elegant blazer jackets. David's choice of shiny soft materials was a crowd's pleaser as the final look of his collection shown model Alexandra Atalita wearing a black all over sparkled padded shoulder sheer bodice gown which got all the attention from the audience. If you couldn't make it to the event just check out the two videos of David's show from May 24th.

Photographs by Marius Suiker click HERE to Like his FB page

Next up was designer Liza Lopez from LILCOLLECTION. Long wide high-waisted pants that compliments our silhouette is what attracted me the most from her line. All the pieces were created keeping simplicity in mind. The business look features with minimal use of colors were very reminiscent of Ralph Lauren's signature style. Comfort and style is what she knows best. The Spring/Summer Collection of Liza screamed "Dress for Success". It gave me a sense that if I wear that for a job interview I've got it. Reliability and loyalty is what her line portrays. Loose dresses and button-front tie neck blouses which are trendy right now this season are necessary to have as these are ethical for every business party occasion or you can simply use key looks like these to compliment for a formal event, dinner parties, you name it!  Liza made use of satin fabrics for her dresses and chiffon and cotton- wool blended for her short skirts. Models were wearing jewelry by well known NY jewelry studio, Adha Zelma.
Pictures provided by Dutch photographer Marius Suiker
Continue Reading to view video and full post.

Thursday, May 24

Maja Atalita May 23rd Fashion Show

Dear Purettes, as promised in the previous post, here are a few photographs taken during the Fashion Week by Marius Suiker photography of the collections created by designer Maja Atalita from Curacao. These are surely much more professional looking than my humble pics I've taken with my personal cam. Thanks to Marius. Please enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23

House of Byfield, Maja Atalita and Andrew Harris @ CIFW Day 3

This is exactly how men can wear print on print! Carmichael Byfield showed his collection especially made for the CIFW yesterday night where we could see a lot of patterned materials from top to bottom...very nicely put together without overdoing any piece. Not only are skinny jeans flattering to a women's curves but these are now in demand for men as well. Male models were rocking skinny pants and printed blazer jackets that are really in style. These are perfect for special occasions where one desires to stand out from the crowd. His collection included printed shirts and pants, belted trench coats, vests, ponchos and colorblock tux jackets. Carmichael started off his show with an Asian-inspired theme which later turned into a full collection of black and white combined with a pop of color printed outfits to later finalize it with a nude see through flower printed button down shirt. You may not be able to see from the pictures taken but some of the white pants had details at the pocket area to give them even more style. To break off the neutral colors, the designer made use of yellow, red, pink and orange. I could see how the crowd appreciated his daring sense of fashion. I only hope this opens doors to embrace men fashion in Curacao even more..! Just take a look at a few pictures I've taken.

Day 2 @ Curacao Fashion Week - Highlights

Designer Charlyn Castro-Rojas surprised the audience last night by what we call wearable fashion. Her show closed off with this beautiful long sleeve gown seen in above picture made from beige sheer and nude and brown silk underneath with a luxurious open back. A very modest in the front dress with a twist in the back (deep open back) makes me think of red carpet-ish potential. The stunning details on this gown made it one of the favorites of the night. No wonder why she chose this dress to finalize the show. Beside admiration towards this dress one can say that the collection she showed yesterday evening was very versatile. You could see everything possible you can imagine that is in right now, from formal dresses to see through and lace blouses to checker button down shirt for both men and women to rompers, skinny silk and wide pants and shorts. She kept it simple yet it made an impact as each one of the designs were very well accepted by the public. I could hear those seated next to me giving appraisal to every model shown. Thanks to Charlyn for showing us a great men and women's wear collection.

Adha Zelma is a famous jewelry line based in New York by long time best friends Sheanan Bond and Cherise TrahanMiller. Their work has been featured in numerous prestigious magazines and online press such as Elle Vietnam, OK! Magazine and ESSENCE. Many celebrity A-listers have been spotted wearing Adha Zelma's designs such as Jennifer Lopez, Lala Vasquez, Keri Hilson and Michelle Williams to name a few.
During the fashion week show many chain inspired necklaces that cover the chest made from gold and silver metals were shown. A lot of feathers and precious stones were used to finish up the looks of the jewelry. Long and gaudy looking earrings inspired by ancient culture and folklore was the central theme of the collection. Fashionable items for the daring and fun individuals need to keep their eye on this line. 

Monday, May 21

Day 1 Recap - CIFW

Curacao International Fashion Week day 1 show started with an opening of wearable dresses from day time (business attire) to night life pieces (cocktail to gala dresses)  created by Washington Roberts. The Nigerian designer sure knows what we like. His use of shiny materials on solid colors made each one of the pieces timeless yet fashionable for this day and age...Seeing that bling is the "new" black. His show started off on neutral palette colors which later turned into dark red and forest green. It sure reminded me (a bit) of designer Tadashi Shoiji's latest collection' color use during the F/W 2012  NYC MB FW. The deep V neck cut was sure the central theme of his collection combined with side panels which always makes each figure even more flattering. Trust you me. The wide shiny pants is what I enjoyed the most but I was especially fascinated by the leather details on the dresses (Micheal Jackson "Thriller" music video inspired) which gave them an extra edge. Very rock star-ish and elegant at the same time.  Just look at this skirt at the top, black and gold high-waisted patterned blinging knee-length skirt,... it's sure something 2 live 4.

Next up, Aqua di Lara...In this all year long summer weather we all need stylish swimwear to show off. Not just stylish but sophistication is what designer Reyhan Sofraci portrayed during the fashion week. This high-end swimwear designer sure surpasses her client's expectations. Look at the piece I'm about to show you, this neutral canvas pattern is exactly what I mean with sophistication and elegance. Not to mention, exclusivity of her label which includes many sought after renowned names in the fashion industry such as Harp Bazaar and Canada's Next Top Model. Her creativity comes from European background combined with her own sense of fashion and worldwide travel experiences. Aqua di Lara is a prestigious brand sought after many beach lovers who appreciate good fashion and lingerie inspired beach wear. Without further ado, please Enjoy!

Jewelry by Charles Albert

Jewelry by Charles Albert

To see how the show finalized on day one please Continue Reading now...

Friday, May 18

Designers' Introduction Night at St.Tropez

Two more days until Curacao Fashion Week - *Day 1* and as an introductory of this special event, CFW will be in the house tonight at St.Tropez (Pietermaai) starting from 9.30 PM to introduce participating designers and photographers. You will have the opportunity to take photographs with them and have them sign you an autograph. Don't miss out because as added-value they will hold a raffle for those who buy their tickets during the intro night with a chance to win a whole day experience with the designers this Saturday, the 19th . The winner will enjoy an island tour and a private dinner with the designers :) The anticipation towards this event is building up and I'm sure you can't get better than this one! 

Have a great weekend y'all and see you soon!



Sunday, May 13

A new look: Military Inspired Jumpsuit

This look was one of the Best Sellers for the month of April and one of my personal favorites and that's the exact reason why I chose it to be the pick of the week. ONLY 1 left in size Large (L)
Do you want it? Contact us now / call: 668-7775
We deliver immediately!

Saturday, May 12

5 nights in Heaven

In fashion heaven that is! Days are getting by so fast. Almost just a week away to start enjoying 20 plus collections shown during Curacao International Fashion Week- five night event. I can only imagine all of the designers rushing up to prepare, calculate and finishing up all details of their art for this event. It totally reminds me of Project Runway challenges. All the stress and tension is building up but with all their hard work and dedication we as the audience and themselves will see great rewards,..can't wait! It is a MUST see fashion show, trust you me. This high-end event will start off on Monday, May 21st at the Hilton Curacao and closes off on the 25th followed by an after party. Tickets are available for sale simply go to and make sure you "Like" their fan page on Facebook here to access last minute details, information on participating designers, schedule, cool videos and pictures!

You already know their motto "Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the history!"- CIFW

Friday, May 11

April 28th "The Shoot"

Here are just three final pictures I wanted to share with you from the photoshoot of Pure.

Thanks to Robert Volkerts Lifestyle Photography

Something for you,..sit back, relax and Order!

Hereby I present to you the collection I promised I would post after I arrange what was left after Queen's Day. Click on Continue Reading below this post to view the entire collection!
If you see anything you like, send your orders at: Add description as seen as caption below picture. EVERYTHING SELLS AT JUST 50,-.
We deliver or you can pick-up your order! It doesn't fit well? We exchange! Want a discount??? Feel free to ask! Do you want to pay by the end-of-the month? Sure!! :) At Pure. everything is possible! Shop here 2 Save.... Hope you enjoy the catalog.

Black sequin scoop dress. Size: one size

Silver sequin dress. Size: one size

Dress size S

Black blazer size L

Lace overlay dress size S & L

Collarless black business jacket. Size S, M & L

Black with sequin dress. Size: one size