Thursday, April 19

Do you think you're beautiful?

Or not???  What would our clothes say about one another? Probably nothing. And you that are reading this post may also think the same way.  That is how beautiful people are supposed to react,…naturally. Beautiful people are the ones that show it naturally without trying too hard. Beautiful people are the ones who believe that what they do is right and won’t hesitate to do so. Not even a second guess!  Your clothes won’t define you who you are. In one word: Inspiration. Be inspired to be yourself, dress how you like, what you feel fits bets. Make yourself feel attractive to attract to one another. Beauty defines what’s within, something that just makes people want to be around you, and not be push away from you.

These are some thoughts that just popped in my head. Thank you to my loyal Purettes. You taught me right. I will be guiding you in times you need help. To reassure you that fashionable finds are not hard to get? Or bring change in a conventional wardrobe to one that you've been dreaming to have? Thank you for all the support.  As you were always there, I’ll also be...!

P.S. Just look back at our Beauty Tip of the day; It all refers back to what I am trying to explain..


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