Friday, April 6

Pure. Collection available for Pre order

Ref 05-06 Aqua/Magenta floral tube dress (S,M,L) Naf .55,-

Ref 05-02 Black turtleneck lace overlay dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-
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Ref 05-03 Blue and Gold adjustable strap dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-

Ref 05-00 Strapless Aqua/Fuschia colorblock dress (S,M&L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-05 Strapless coral colorblock dress with lace detail (S,M&L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-12 Strapless mustard yellow/black colorblock dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-
**This dress comes in yellow/black not in red/black**

Ref 05-08 One shoulder black/leopard see through dress (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-04 Multicolor leopard V scoop dress (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-10 Strapless hot pink/white colorblock dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-

Ref 05-09 Keyhole one shoulder pink cheetah dress (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-07 Multicolor short sleeve dress (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 02-02 black/white checkerboard high waisted skirt (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Ref 05-11 Strapless denim look dress (S,M,L) Naf. 55,-

Apricot open draped cardigan is a Small / See through pants size small. Each at Naf. 50,-

Black keyhole dress with gems details. Only Small available at Naf. 50,-

Ref 02-01 lime green/black checkerboard high waisted skirt (S,M,L) Naf. 50,-

Sequin black/silver sleeveless dress. Only Medium at Naf. 50,-
Ref 01-26 Black/pink chiffon multi-use cardigan. One size fits all! naf. 50,-

Black boyfriend blazer jacket. Fits a S/M. Naf. 50,-

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  1. kuantu dia e ta dura pa deliver?

  2. 1 a 2 dia. Si e kliente ta desea di haña e paña mesora, esaki tambe ta posibel.


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