Saturday, March 31

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City.. was the theme that centered the Soho boutique Fashion show on Wednesday night. NYC was brought closer to us with a fabulous busy streets, hunking caps and hundreds of pedestrians backdrop. Times Square was the heart of Pietermaai Mall for the day and we sure noticed the fashion reflect in the models who were wearing big hair bows, colorful scarves and elegant gloves. It was very nice seeing Erika again doing what she does best! A runway show hard to forget! You know that Pure. supports your impeccable sense of style. I always and will be a fan of her eye for fashion. Soho is an exclusive women and men's wear boutique situated at the Pietermaai Mall unit 9 in Punda and they carry remarkable brands such as True Religion, Betsey Johnson, Beach Bunny, and Frankie b to name a few...

Sunday, March 25

Custo Barcelona - MB FW S/S 2012 Collection
Fashion designer Custo Dalmau and his brother David are worldwide known Spanish designers and founders of the line Custo Barcelona. They have dressed many celebrity A-listers such as Shakira, Beyonce, Charlize Theron and Christina Aguilera just to name a few. The firm Custo Barcelona will also be present at the 2012 Curacao Fashion Week event hosted in May and we sure are happy about that! Check out their 2012 Spring/Summer collection video during the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We expect to see lots of colors, prints and boldness for the fashion show.

Flattering impersonation: K.K

Stripes are back!
Perfect Spring outfit inspired by Kim Kardashian. 
One-piece striped dress with puffy sleeves just temporary unavailable but we'll have more in April at the same prices.
Use shoes or a clutch to add a pop of bold color to this dress and you'll be good to go...!

Wednesday, March 21


Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It´s the most recognizable marketing principle used which abbreviation is quite sexy we must admit, namely KISS!

Keeping it simple means keeping it simple. There are no ifs, ands or buts. Simplicity in the fashion world means less is best and we nod our heads while thinking it through. We encourage you to minimize common fashion mistakes by chosing Simplicity!

Maybe you are less risky than others, some find it attractive but some think it´s just plain. But the truth of the matter is that you can never go wrong with simple looks.  If you are in doubt what to wear to certain type of events, we suggest you to simply put on a black dress and flaunt it. Black dresses are versatile and simple, therefore it works for any type of event whether it's day or night a gala or just cocktails wth your besties.
Don´t let them fool ya either, it´s not about what you wear but more how you carry yourself among the crowd. Attitude and confidence is the best accessory a girl must have. Point blank! I'm sure you heard about this before AND every guy I've spoken with about this matter definately agrees.

But back to basics! We have many simple dresses left in the collection that you might like. To check out our collection keep checking our blogspot as we will break it down for you step by step. We will have a huge collection soon so stay tune for that as well since we will explain how to wear them, where to wear them and how to get to them :) . Remember about our pay by the end-of-the month offer!

As far as it comes with the collction that we have available now for sale, we don't have many pieces left, unfortunately. As a good Yu di Korsow would say; " Nan a bai mane pan kayente dus hasi lihe paso esun ku jega prome lo bebe awa limpi!" , so it's our job to show you what we have left.
And please don't mind, as mentioned above we will soon have a bigger and better collection prepared for you at the same reasonable price of fifty guilders. Check our gallery of photos by continue reading.

Keep in mind beautiful ladies: Simplicity is the key to always be in style...with just the right attitude!
So instead of us using Keep it Simple, Stupid! KISS term, we prefer referring it to Keep It Simple, Sassy!

Click on link below to check out the pieces left that can be ordered by e-mailing

Apparel Gallery of First Collection PROMO from Pure. Runway Look. More clothes to come..!!

Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt
Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt
Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt

Keyhole black dress with studs details. Fits size M/L
Pink strapless dress fits S/M

Scoop neck sequin black dress. Fits size M/L
Apricot Cardigan one size & see through leggings (2) available in size Small

sheer long sleeve black cardigan wearable many styles
Each piece sells at FIFTY ANTILLEAN GUILDERS with a flat rate shipping of NAF. 7,50
You also have the option of picking up your order to save shipping costs. Opportunity available for customers who want to pay at the end of the month! Don't hesitate, us today

Tuesday, March 20

Fashion Pick of the Week inspired by Gaga

Fashion Pick of March 19-25th. Now available!
Singer Lady Gaga in sexy cut out leggings
Actress Linsey Lohan all over destroyed leggings
Socialite Kim Kardashian (top left) and Disney star Vanessa Hudgens (top right) both in casual cut outs

Monday, March 19

Things we will always love: Animal Prints

We've seen animal print trends over the last few years becoming more and more wanted. Ofcourse, Pure has a selection for animal print lovers. These outfits were hand picked with you in mind. We'll love to help you match up with your fashion standards. These are trends we will always like and even though some of you may be think "boring..!!", runway shows will always prove you wrong. There will always be a designer out there incorporating a piece of animal print fabric into their collections. We know you'll love these dresses too! 

To place your orders please e-mail us today at
Michael Kors (right)  leopard print dress sells at $1,895. Get a similar long sleeve less with lace detail around the sleeve for Naf. 50 only

Khloe Kardashian in zebra (left). Get the similar look with this long sleeve zebra print dress with nice details at the back for just Naf. 50,-

Model wearing a Miu Miu dress for the 2011 Fall collection. Find a similar look with this long chiffon leopard sleeve dress with open back for just Naf 50,-
Singer Keri Hilson (left) in a button down long sleeve leopard printed blouse. Find the similar look for Naf  50,-

Saturday, March 17

Catherine Malandrino Fall-Winter 2012 Presentation

Behind the Scenes footage "The Making of Catherine Malandrino F/W collection 2012"
Ms. Malandrino is a famous designer who will also participate in Curacao Fashion Week 2012.

Looks for attendee at Curacao Fashion Week

If you are somewhat like me, you are probably already in the know about Curacao Fashion Week. And you may also be interested in attending the shows. This is the very first Fashion Week in Curacao and we are excited to be there. Can't wait. Now, I already started thinking what I can wear to this event. Seeing that the show lasts for five consecutive days, if you plan to attend all five days like myself, your closet must be "red carpet" ready.
Now, I have been streaming fashion shows as you already know for a very long time, many probably think that because fashion week is such a fashionable recognized event around the world, that people will dress with over-the-top outfits drawing all eyes on them. Well, the truth of the matter is that it's almost always the opposite....well at least only during Fashion Week. Over-the-top daring looks are mostly worn by celebrities during the Grammy's and Oscars only.  That is their time to shine. So there is a time and place for every outfit.

Since these shows ( Paris, NYC, Milan Fashion Week and the list goes on) are almost impossible for people like me to attend (unless you sign up for volunteering, or you're media or by invite only), I can't help but settle to live- streaming. But even so, it doesn't stop me to always try to look through the audience to see what the attendees are wearing and if I see any familiar face like celebrities and the like. I happen to notice that people who attend to these events mostly wear designer wear. For example, if they were invited to the Tadashi Shoji fashion show, then they are most likely going to wear a Tadashi Shoji piece. Also, they stick to classic looks. Things that won't draw too much attention on them as the show is dedicated to the designer and his work. I assume that's a way of showing support and respect. Remember as I mentioned earlier, it's meant to show support to the designer and not taking the attention away from their show thanks to an outrageous choice of outfit. I suggest you to leave that for a party or better yet, your own party to come.
Fashion Week in Curacao sounds to be huge. And ofcourse you must be well dressed to show 'em what you've got. Media will also be present so you might end up in pictures that you'll have to face for the rest of your life. I suggest you to wear something modest but yet a bit sexy, and don't forget fashionable with class! Putting your own little twist to each outfit will do the trick. And if with a twist you mean a huge bow as a decor piece on your head, even though it's cute, it's probably not the best idea seeing that you may disturb the audience around you to watch the show. I like bows myself, Lady Gaga introduced them finely and so does the youngest designer around Ms. Casinni but things like that are probably not the best choice for a fashion show. Try statement pieces that are less distracting to the eye like a bow tie instead. It's professional looking yet stylish.

As part of promo for the opening of the e-store due in June, we have selected four key possible looks that you can never go wrong with for these kind of high-end events. They sell at 50 guilders each and can be ordered by e-mailing It's never too late to prepare for such a magnificent event! For more information on ticket purchasing and event schedule please go to and don't forget to become their fan on Facebook. Please continue reading to check out our Curacao Fashion Week suggestions for sale now...

Interseasonal Fashion

I don't know if you fashionistas out there happen to notice something that's never missing during catwalk shows. It is something that gives that touch of elegance to every outfit. And most of us are still loving it. It was seen from the 2008 Spring/ Summer runway shows all the way to Fall/ Winter 2012 fashion week. It's inter-seasonal and something that never wore old. Designers know that this will add sophistication to each piece they create. Not only that,this type of fashion is wearable through the entire year according to example of past runway shows. For the love of lace, It's lace! I love the idea of lace to my outfits. It makes life so much simpler because the detail is already so eye-catching that I don't have to do much to an outfit. Lace is also timeless which is good. As stated in a previous article by Pure about "Timeless Fashion", it is important to owe timeless fashion statements that you can use over and over again without it being out of style. And inter-seasonal fashion is a perfect example.

I have done a little research about lace and designers that used lace during fashion week shows and here is the proof,.. the runway! It was in since 2008 all the way to 2012 and i know i mention him a lot, Tadashi simply put it elegantly together during the showcase of the 2012  MB FW with deep red and forest  green velvet gowns. I'm a fan of lace myself and looking forward to see it in other what other ways of wearing lace during 2013 fashion shows. Feel free to order your lace outfit with us by e-mailing These are in promotion for just 50,- each. Details of the dresses are described below.

Long sleeve lace-leopard dress size Medium-Large

Long sleeve lace blouse Size Small-Medium

Sleeveless nude dress with lace overlay fits size Small-Medium

One shoulder silk dress with lace overlay fits size Medium-Large

Pure. Runway Look for Less

To our dear Purettes,

This is a section of Pure tips and what to buy from us now in stock as part of Promotion!

People who love to dress with what's in style has the right to be able to do so. I've always been a fashion junkie but to keep ahold with what people consider to be "fashionable" in these changing times is hard. You either spend too much money on only three or four dresses or can't afford to spend your whole salary on outfits and you end up buying one simple dress that costs you 80,- or more (well at some places you can get same dresses for less but you got to look around). So it is important for fashion bugs like myself  to have a budget when it comes to clothing expenses. I am the type of girl that sets only 50,- aside monthly and buy one statement piece. It is very important to spend your money wisely. So I suggest you spend it on one fashionable item that is timeless. If you do this monthly, this will slowly but securely make your wardrobe complete. Make sure it is an item that won't wear old by time. Trends come and go but you can never go wrong with looks that are classic like a blazer jacket, an oversize bag, a black dress or flared jeans.
These are items that you can mix and match and rematch from casual to clubwear.
Check out these timeless pieces items that we have available as part of our promo for until official launch of the website.

For Sale Ref# 01-26 chiffon blouse: One-size fits all! Create a deep V-cut blouse wearable to fashionable events. Best worn with jeans or shorts. Continue reading for more styles to wear this blouse
This one-size black feather print open chiffon cardigan is a perfect example of a timeless piece. The following pictures show you how you can use one statement piece make it from casual to party wear. Check out the many styles you can wear it. And we have it available for Fl. 50,-

Little Black Dress

The black dresses, ladies! Each woman should owe one, or maybe four :) Black is classic, sexy and slimming. Oh,..and make sure it's short to show off those thighs!

All four available dresses below available now for sale. Detail explained by picture. See why celebrities are also spotted in similar dresses!! Order yours today

All over Shimmer Dress
For Sale Ref# 01-19: One- size (fits S&M perfectly) Glitter long sleeve dress. To order one of these dresses now send an e-mail to
Back view
Check out Ciara wearing a very similar shimmer dress below

Sequin Dress
For Sale ref# 01-16 Silk black with silver sequin dress. Scoop neck, Sleeveless with back zipper. One-size fits all.

Lace Overlay

For Sale Ref# 01-11: Turtle neck, long sleeve lace overlay dress but works best as blouse since it fits short. Has back zipper. Fits M/L. Order it as part of our promo for ANG. 50,-

Back view

 Scroll below to see celebrities who wore similar lace dresses on the red carpet.
Ashley Green
Christina Hendri in Dolce

Keyhole Dress
For Sale Ref# 01-13 Keyhole black below the knee dress. Sleeveless with side zipper. Has black stud details around the neck. One size fits S/M. Check out below for A-listers who wore black keyhole dresses.

Close-up of keyhole detail.

From left to right; Kiera Knightley, Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde all during red carpet events with classic keyhole dresses.

Designers Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren displayed keyhole dresses during their Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week runway shows. Model is wearing dress by RL.

Reminder: This is a special offer to give you an idea of what we'll have in store coming soon. Don't forget to visit soon where you have a complete look at our catalogue of dresses for our Curacao community. Until then check out our Facebook and Blog corner.

To place your order on any of these looks send an e-mail to: or a private message on facebook. If you would like to try them on first that is okay too simply contact us either way!

Curacao Fashion Week...! anyone?

Hey Purettes!

Pure. was happy to know about Curacao’s participation in a Fashion Week. Very first fashion week in Curacao makes us very eager to know how, when and where.

So I'm taking the liberty to explain to you the how.
Fashion Week for those not in the know is basically a fashion show divided in several days with designers from around the globe. The collections shown during fashion week are centralized with themes. Each designer's collection focuses on themes whether it is for a spring/summer or fall/winter collection period. Think about a designer who's theme is glamour rock. You can expect the show to have a soft rock background music, lots of leather fabrics with studs detailing and models doing their catwalk with smokey eye make-up and bold red lipstick.

These high-end  events are mostly attended by designer's fans, potential buyers, celebrities, media, bloggers, stylists, models and family members of the designers. Think about Milan Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Argentina Fashion Week, Colombia Fashion Week and Caribbean International Fashion Week. You'll always see familiar faces on the red carpet prior entry to the venue where the event is being hosted. In short, you'll have a place gathered with many talented people and each designer has approximately fifteen minutes to show the collection they have been working. Apart from that you have exhibitions of artists, and one of the most important attributes for entrepreneurs, national and international business people is close contact for future business endeavors.

But going back to the fashion part, stylists jobs would be to attend the shows to dress an A-lister client for the next red carpet event, bloggers will be explaining each designer's collection in detail, press will give you a recap of the shows with a daily highlights of the night, and celebrities will be always the ones that first get their hands on these pieces directly off the runway haha ... Lucky them !

So Curacao will also have something alike. YAY! We hope you understand that it is a big deal for Curacao to engage in certain type of fashion activities as this is the chance for well-known designers and special guests to visit the island while enjoying a fashion event. And don't even get us started on the possibly tourism boom that will be the cause of such event. It is a major fashion event for Curacao as nothing like this has never been seen before on the island. Yes, we've seen fashion shows here and there and lots of pageants but a fashion week's concept is different. One of the best part of it is that Curacao Fashion Week is scheduled to have famous fashion designers Catherin Malandrino and Custo Barcelona.

The main focus of this particular event is to showcase the work of new up and coming designers that are trying to make it in this competitive industry. With so many talented designers, we really need to boost and support them, especially our native designers. Slowly fashion is making its way into Caribbean territory more tan ever before and this is our chance. Even international bloggers will be blogging about this event. Pure e-store in corporation with , , , and  to work together to cover this event. As some of us may be unable to travel, we stepped in to work with these bloggers to promote the show at its best. The above mentioned blog sites will be showing you pictures, details of the event and discuss about the designers on their blog around the time of the show. Remember to follow their posts!

Designers from Holland, Italy, Curacao, and Dominican Republic under others will be showcasing all of the work they especially created for this magnitude of show.
So when and where is this held? The first day of the show is scheduled from May 21st through the 25th of 2012 at WTC.  Pure hopes you can attend. Tickets will be soon available to the public for purchase and remember to put your fashion look on for the event with Pure. Runway Look

More on the participating designers, scheduling to come on next post. Or simply go to

Versatility Rocks!

All over Checker board printed dresses? see through lace outfits?  Maybe it's a little bit too much for you but the truth of the matter is that it is crucial to add versatility to your wardrobe. Versatility stands for different, so what we mean is that a versatile wardrobe will help you differentiate from the rest. Fashion is fun and therefore you should be enjoying wearing daring-fun looks from time to time. Fashion is all about being different, trying on things that most people wouldn't and getting the attention for doing so. But if you are like most of the fashion bugs outthere, you may be a bit hesitant about wearing outfits that you may think "If I just were a celebrity, I would". Guess what, you can as well. You just might need to tone it down a bit. So instead of an all over checker board printed dress try instead looks like this high waisted checkboard pattern skirt we have available for sale at ANG. 50,-

Ref# 02-01: Lime and black checkerboard skirt size S, M & L available
Fashion Tip: If you would like to add a "wow" effect to these skirts, try them on with neon blouses (hot  pink, electric blue, mandarin orange). It creates that colorblock effect that's so wanted during spring and summer runway shows. **Remember high-waisted skirts always give you a more hour glass shape appeal which is always sexy**

Ref# 02-02: Black and white checkerboard skirt size S, M & L available

We've seen A-listers such as Rhianna and Fergie wearing all over see through dresses made out of mesh, chiffon and/or lace on the red carpet. These looks can be easily toned down to get the right kind of attention. Instead of an all over transparent dress, try dresses that have these materials partially incorporated into them or have them as an overlay. Think about this gorgeous turtle neck lace dress with small back opening we have available at Pure for just fifty guilders. It is elegant and perfect for corporate gatherings, date night, and high-end events. Another fabulous look is the 3rd dress shown below which is trendy and yet sophisticated.

Ref# 01-35: Nude dress with lace overlay dress fits size Small and Medium.

Ref# 02-36: Black V neck with pattern detail in front, ties at the back of neck. Size Small

Ref# 02-37: One-piece dress with black lace detail combined with hot pink skirt. One size
Back view one-piece dress

Other versatile looks we have available at the moment is a button down sleeveless loose-fitting shirt that is ideal for the daytime. Most of us are used to wear tight-fitting clothing and this will give you the correct amount of versatility. This look will feel different and above all it is comfortable for our sunny weather. It is see-through which is highly in demand now and on top of it, you can wear it as a shirt paired with jeggings or simply wear it as a dress by added a belt and rock-inspired boots. If you want this look for less place your order now to

Ref# 03-01: One size fits all! (Belt not included). This shirt is perfect for full-figured ladies as the vertical thin stripes will give you the illusion of a more slender shape.

Check out this picture we found of a fashion show where model rocked a similar looking shirt with a belt and to-die-for shoes. Adding a belt will give you an even slender look.