Wednesday, July 25

Fierce and fearless: Take this Fashion "Risk"

After watching the Bad Girls Club Reunion Season 8 a few weeks ago, I was delighted by the way the girls looked but one that caught my attention was Gia Sapp-Hernandez. Gia had a cutout black one shoulder jumpsuit on which she later explained was custom made. I immediately went online to look around for this jumpsuit to add to our collection but unfortunately wasn't able to locate where exactly she had it made from. This outfit clearly makes her look fierce and fearless and as a cast member of this unrated TV Reality show, the dress really played the part here. She went with it a little extreme as it features a deep cut out on her leg that goes all the way up to her butt. Yet it doesn't show any inappropriate body part. But fashion is fashion and I love a sister who takes these kinds of risks....Something I see we lack at times here on the island. Gia has this I don't give a s&*t attitude that makes her look kinda strong and sexy. So it wasn't just about her outfit, but she had the whole package. Attitude, personality and this stylish piece in her closet. Also I would like to note that Gia is a short girl (4"11) and some may think that because they're not tall, that this one-piece wouldn't fit nicely but that is not true, just checkout these pictures. So seeing we love this risky look we stocked in with a similar look not so close to the original piece but it is a long sleeve jumpsuit that features side and back cutouts just above your buttcheeks. This is also a very fierceful look for a club nightout. At least, if you want to stand out from the crowd. I also understand some of you ladies may be a bit shy, but if you want to dress to impress this is definitely THE LOOK to go for. Especially if you are a thick girl or one who has killer curves. 
The question is now what to pair this diva outfit with? Simple,... with personality and big teased hair ofcourse! ;)

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Monday, July 23

Reduce your waistline instantly with these

The miracle dress!! We had these favorites in the past at Pure just a different print. Sold out quickly. It features black nylon side panels. As you all know, an outfit that is black will make you look instantly thinner. It disguises bulges, fat and other common problem areas we as women encounter. But what about a dress that has black hour glass figure shape panels purposely designed and placed to slim your waist? One of the most famous and well made side panel dress according to Online Mail is the Stella McCartney bodycon dress which has a retail price of 3,000 pounds. Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler and Kim Kardashian all are fans of the "optical illusion dress" as known in Hollywood. A great take on the designer dress is this tight-fitted one we have re-stocked which was a success in previous collections. It's up for sale at a very inexpensive price available in size Small, Medium and Large. The nylon used to create this piece flattens your abdomen area and instantly takes off inches from the side with the help of dark side panels.  Purchase this great inspired look at Pure.

Kate Winslet in white/black and red/black Stella McCartney dress. Live Tyler in blue McCartney dress.
Left to right: Kelly Clarkson, Mc Cartney 2011 F/W FW, Shop


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Sunday, July 22

Sunday Cooldown

After a busy busy week for some of you, many will take this weekend to cool off from the past few days. This is the perfect chance to wear those casual pieces in your closet. One dress can make a family outing so much more fun. But if you are lacking in the casual department, I have collected two looks for you which are now accessible here to go onto your weekend feeling sexy, comfortable yet fashionable. First off we start with the long dresses. The dress featured in this article is striping colors, the material its made of feels very soft to the skin and it's THE look you want to wear for summer in this warm Caribbean weather. Click here to buy now.  Another great find for a cooloff day is to wear short rompers. These rompers are tight fitted, made from stretchy materials meaning that you can do a lot in these and features a back zipper for easier fit. They are striped which is always a plus and also a great look for beach day.
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Friday, July 20

Look who's back...!

Another hot trend this 2012 Summer/Spring season beside colored pants, peter pan collars, colorblocking with neons, and cropped tops is the tribal print pattern. This trend is not unfamiliar for fashion followers as these have been seen in and out the runway for a few years now. They come in zig zag patterns or as pyramid inspired patterns. Tribal "Aztec Indian" inspired prints are earthy-looking and the best part of it is that these are wearable with any colored shoes and bags as long as it fits within the colored spectrum of the outfit. The prints come in black and white or in color. If you don't own any tribal printed outfits yet and you still want to be stylish while on a budget, you may want to opt for tribal print earrings combined with wooden bangles instead. Another alternative is to purchase a tribal scarf or shoes. Yes! Tribal printed shoes are also available nowadays. Checkout the tribal print dresses we have available at Pure for only 50,- (talking about fashion on a budget) as seen on the runways and worn by celebrities.  I also took the liberty of showing you more tribal items that you can compliment your wardrobe with. Beside Aztec themed items there are also a few items outside of the idea that fits perfectly within this theme. Like those feather earrings you used to wear last year are great to use them again or those bead necklaces that were so in at one point in time can be worn all over again. Brown/beige wedge shoes will also do the trick! Be careful how you mix and match tribal print as it can become overwhelming to layer it with other tribal items. As mentioned in previous posts, print on print must be put finely together and a lot of people have a hard time doing so. Try to stay within those earthy colors that look natural on your skin (hint: nudes, beige, clover green) and that you can never go wrong with. Nevertheless, this look is surely a must have this season!

Thursday, July 19

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