Monday, August 27

Polka Dot Paradise!! – Kim Kardashian: Official website

Yes ladies, the Polka Dot obsession is taking over Hollywood. And we have them available at Pure too. Check out my recent post about these fabulous dots here and how you can get your own piece of polka dot in your life by purchasing from Pure. You know we always try to bring you what's in style!

Kardashian Kollection Xmas Sneak Peek - Kim Kardashian

It's all about the shoe print fabric ALL OVER,... LITERALLY!!

This cute shoe print bow tie blouse beautifully paired with a hot pink blazer jacket is a preview from the Kardashian Kollection designed for Sears due to launch in the Holiday season.

Check out my recent post about these crazy prints and how affordable they are. Why wait until Christmas to get yours? You can get your hands on a great steal at TODAY!

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Friday, August 24

Fall Colors: Thinking Cobalt Blue

Happy Friday bugs! The fall season is just around the corner! Ofcourse, very inconvenient for us who live in the Caribbean to rock a cool knitwear sweater, but let alone a trenchcoat in this sunny weather. So what´s the most closest solution to this problem for all us Caribbean fashion lovers? Try Fall colors instead.  For those of you that are not as ready yet to store your brights and colors away, go for the closest pop of color that goes against the traditional fall muted palette colors: Cobalt blue that is!

Big name designers that used cobalt blue in their collections or accents of it are such names as Diane von Furstenberg and Antoni & Alison. Not convinced to go totally cobalt blue? Tone your look down by wearing soft gold pumps and clutch but if you are more on the daring side go totally blue from top to bottom with these beautiful complimentary looks I´ve collected for you to give you an idea. Remember your makeup must be flawless and smokey blue, Ha ha!

Of course, you can always opt for wine red, forest green or blacks for fall but to stand up from the crowd THIS is the color to go for,..for sure!

Do you want to stay in style for Fall? Start Purchasing your looks with us here for only ANG. 50 and remember we deliver anywhere in the Caribbean

Wednesday, August 22

Romping Tribal: How to's

Hey fashionistas! it's your girl here with some simple ideas that you can compliment your Black/White Tribal Jumpsuit with. Add a pop of color by painitng your nails with brights like yellow and a touch of tranquility with Turquoise/Aqua colors to bring out the beautifulness of this jumpsuit. Don't overdue this piece as the jumpsuit features busy prints and the wide leg already makes it look elegant enough. If you choose for a more simple look you may opt for a black wide leather-like belt and nice red platform pumps with coral or red lipstick. Minimize on the accessoiries!
Purchase yours now here for only Ang 60,- and best of all jumpsuit also comes in a variety of colors like Black/Teal and Purple/Black. Because the Sky is not the Limit ;)

Monday, August 20


Happy new week fashion bugs! I think I never showed you this picture before. This was taken during the photoshoot we had a few months back at Pietermaai Smal and it's now featured on our website since past weekend. Unfortunately the dress my friend Angie has on is temporary unavailable but we will let you know as soon as we have more in stock. The dress was my personal pick and one of the best sellers...And i know why.  High and Lows are now in demand. I love high low dresses. The flared asymmetric chiffon and the gray cheetah print really made this strapless dress look elegant yet youthful. It has a front gold zipper and breast fillers. I will surely let everyone know especially those who asked specifically for this number when we have them again. 
Enjoy the rest of the week and remember for all your fashion needs we are here!

Angie for

Sunday, August 19

Sunday Afternoon Styles

A flare chiffon dress is THE choice for a beauty Sunday look. The printed orange lips on the dress makes it even more feminine and fashionable. Dress it up by wearing brown wedge or wooden platform shoes or you can go for a more laid back look by simply wearing your flats. Go for neutral colors like beige, brown or red. To complete an even more stylish look add a Fedora hat and try on a designer bag like this fabulous coral Michael Kors piece. I personally think a girl should invest in a designer bag at least once every two years. Believe me that you'll be proud of wearing it and since trends come and go, you can opt for a traditional designer bag that you can wear with whatever is in your closet. So ladies if you are interested in this Lips print chiffon dress you can purchase yours now here. The price is as great as the dress and braided belt is included :)
Happy Sunday to all my dear Purettes and visitors!

Friday, August 17

Retro Tennis-Shoe Keychains

How adorable!! Receive a cute "Converse" Retro Camo Tennis-Shoe keychain with any purchase at
Offer starts August 17th.
**Keychain features real rubber sole and strings**

Offer Valid while supply lasts

Fashionable Hippie Diva

 Sexy swirl Jumpsuit *NEW in Stock*
Colorful wide-open leg w. open-back Jumpsuit available in S, M & L
Naf. 60,- ($34)

You only need to purchase a stylish headband to complete the hippie look
Wide open sleeve dress available
Naf 50,- ($28)

We deliver in Curacao! We ship to the Netherlands AND the Caribbean islands.
Contact us for order/shipping/payment information

Thursday, August 16

Head over Heels

You've seen the famous animal print outfits that come and go for the past years. We've also seen flowers print and even geomatric/ kaleidoscope prints especially in for the summer time, but for the 2012 Spring/Summer season, Dolce & Gabanna came with this orginal idea to print vegetable on their dresses. Yes as in chilli hot peppers, onions and tomatoes. The vegetable print dresses is an example of this new hot trend that has taken over Hollywood and suitable for the most daring fashion diva out there. Not just veggies are printed now on suits, even horses, birds, and fishes prints were spotted during Movie Premiers and on celebrities who attended fashion shows and so on. So it's safe to say that many designers and department stores such as Miu Miu and ASOS has adopted this new trend ever since. Why spend so much money on such trends that come and go and sport an inexpensive piece from Pure.?
This cute all over heels print dress we have available features boots and heels from top to bottom ALL OVER. And the best part is that all the heels shown on this dress are surely very stylish footwear. Checkout the all over heels print dress that Louis Vuitton introduced during their F/W 2011 Fashion Show. The one we have comes in Small, Medium, Large and it's the best take on the designer dress. To be straight with you, the Louis Vuitton shoe print piece from their 2011 collection looks quite grand ma-ish and it wouldn't fit appropiately for young adults and professionals. So I bet that the one we have in stock it's even cuter and more age appropiate (ages 16-35 ish)! Don't you agree? So my question is now, would you dare to sport an all over shoe dress to an event or night out with the ladies? I bet I would, and I love the material it's made of since it fits tight to the body which always makes us look sexy yet it doesn't show too much skin.

Shop your Shoe Dress @

Tuesday, August 14

Look what I've found :)

Looking through a few photos online from Emily B (Reality TV star of Love & Hip Hop shown at VH1 and stylist, for those in the unknown) I bumbed into this one. It immediately came to my attention that she is wearing a maxi dress with the same Aztec print and colors as the Yellow/Blue Contrast Tribal dress we have available at Pure. The bottom part of the dress we have is actually body hugging meaning that it fits tightly to your hips/legs which makes it so sexy and a favorite material for many. Trust me it doesn't fit the model like it would fit us :-D and what I like about this outfit is that it's at the same time a casual look (while the upper part of the dress is loose fitted and an open-back,..mmm quite sexy).
So we would like you to check out this outfit we have available by clicking on this link and order yours now while still in stock! It might not be the same as Emily's but it's surely a great take on the ASOS Aztec dress she has on her personal picture.

Saturday, August 11

Color Me Bright!

Left; Amanda Seyfried on the cover of Elle Magazine with a colorful stripe scoop dress. Right(fun cover); Neon Scoop neck stripe dress
 Pure. last' article about classics featured the Polka Dot trend that was and still is a hit for the decade. Another example of Timeless Fashion print are Stripes. Stripes were always a classic on the runway, no doubt! We've seen black and whites, navy and white sailor stripes but for this spring/summer season we have handpicked a classic look with a special twist. A combination of two major summer trends that features the idea of stripes and shocking neon colors. Neon colorful bold stripe dresses works great for daytime to night time looks. You know about the neon craze already! So look no further and buy yours at Pure.

*Tips: This colorful body fitted horizontal stripe dress is perfect for the woman who wants to give the perception of a thicker, curvier body. Purchase yours now HERE available in Small, Medium and Large

For last-minute dresses don't forget to contact me directly +5999 668-7775

Celebs in striping colorful Dresses

More striping colors at Pure. for only Naf. 50,-
Racerback Stripe Dress
Lime/Yellow kaleidoscope scoop Dress

Thursday, August 9

Polka Dots Watch: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Year after year, polka dots make a reappearance on the runways
 According to style experts, Polka Dots is a still going fashion trend that never goes out of style. A perfect example of Timeless Fashion that fits young and old appropriately. Polka Dots print are feminine, flirty, glamorous and a must have in any up-to-date wardrobe. Used as daytime to night time look, designers such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Diane von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney quickly embraced this famously first seen print on Minnie Mouse to create the most attention-getter fabulous bold pieces for their runway shows.  Once polka dot prints were first spotted on the catwalks, celebrities soon followed this Dalmatian trend. The famous dots were seen on sheer fabrics, also spotted on bags, shoes, jackets and skirts featuring large and tiny stand alone dots in retro colors, and/or overlapping one another. Whatever your intention, polka dots is a great way to go. It all depends on the way you style your outfit. For a more subtle quiet look, pair your dress with nude or matching shoes. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and be completely fashionable from head to toe, you should try to master two trends at once by pairing this beautiful yellow dress with a contrast color bag to maximize the effect and to keep up with the color block trend. Or sport it with a bright color blazer jacket to turn formal business attire into a effortless-chic fun look!
Back to basics, whatever your age, height, or weight,..polka dots is always in and suitable for everyone, honestly!  
Shop this look @
Yellow Polka Dots bow tie dress available in S, M and L for Naf.50,-

Sunday, August 5

Style inspired by the Kardashian Kollection

Carmen Electra in Yellow Tribal Print Dress from the Kardashian Kollection. Get the Look for Less at Pure.
We have a look alike dress in pink/navy blue which features side cutouts covered by delicate floral lace. Dress is stretchy and fits tightly to the figure. Available now in S, M and L for only 50 Guilders. Get yours now here
More celebrities are wearing tribal print skirt dresses. Going tribal is an essence this season. Checkout Amber Rose in a cross-over mini tribal dress. We have a similar look available where we have styled model and Ms. Beautiful Skin 2012 Riana Fontilus from Curacao for her Dushi Magazine pageant show in a teal tribal cross over print mini dress available here for 50 Guilders only. And remember,..WE DELIVER 7 days a week!!

Left; Amber Rose. Right; Riana Fontilus styled by

Other celebrities wearing Tribals

Singer Christina Milian
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian

Thursday, August 2

Put on a bandage: The Celebrity Dress

One of the most popular bodycon dresses in existence and top pic for many celebrity stylists for red carpet events is the famous Herve Leger Bandage Dress known as the Celebrity Dress. These curve-hugging dresses sell online for around $2,000 and up. Why so expensive? Firstly Herve is a luxury brand that I'm would die to wear one day :) Secondly, the high quality materials used to create these dresses to tighten the waistline and accentuate curves is expensive and thirdly, thanks to the help of A-listers who are seen with these constantly at major televised events, the value of these dresses also dramatically increased!
Needless to say, these are known as the miracle dress simply because it works like magic!
We have three types of bandage dresses that are a great take on the designer dress for only Naf 55,-. They feature fitted waist material that will automatically sculpt your figure (as seen on these celebrity pix) for the structured silhouette all gals strive to achieve.
The dresses we have available are beautiful on their own so please do not overdo it with accessoires. Just make sure you pair these girly outfits with strappy stilhettos and statement earrings!

Suggestion: Order 1 size smaller for an even fitter look!
Tip: For the thicker body kind, feel more confident in these dresses by wearing an undergarment like spanx!

Shop it :

Wednesday, August 1

Romping Tribal and more NEW ARRIVALS

Tribal Print for this season is so popular! Checkout these tribal print Jumpsuits available as of today in Small, Medium and Large in a variety of colors. Classy one shoulder Jumpsuits, bandage and lace dresses available here.
WE DELIVER!! order yours now order yours now order yours now