Monday, June 11

Trend Watch: Colored pants available for Pre-order

Tired of the classic blue jean? Why don't add a bold of color to your wardrobe this season with colored pants. These pants have been spotted on the Spring/Summer runways like in the 2012 MB FW by BCBG show and on celebrities such as on the Kardashian sisters, Hayden Penettiere, Sarah Jessica Parker and have become a fashion trend for 2012 ever since. Colored pants are fun, playful and bright but if this look is too intimidating for you, you may want to go for more pastel colors for a softer look or wide leg colored pant instead of the pencil colored pants (which are in turn more youthful looking, but then again who doesn't want to look young?). But if you are somewhat like me, Go overboard with it! Don't stop this trend, add another colored purse, and shoes to it. This trend can be used during daytime and at night. To wear this during the day, we suggest colored pants paired with a neutral colored racer tank top for a more laid back look. To wear this trend during night time simply add a printed chiffon blouse to complete a romantic look. Flower chiffon prints /canvas blouses/ sequin tops are highly suggested for the night look, if you don't have one wear it with a see through blouse with a nude or black bra underneath and you'll be completely in style....seeing that nudes and see throughs are also in for the season. Another suggestion is to wear a cropped blazer on top and you'll be as good as new!
And don't forget, colored pants is a great way to incorporate the colorblock trend we have going on right now! That's if you are still giving me the benefit of the doubt not to purchase a pair of trendy tight-fitted colored pants at Pure. All pants priced at Naf. 60,-

These pants are available in all colors nowadays. Right now we have them in Fuchsia, Red and Royal blue for pre-order in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Check out the collection of photos of runway shows and celebs in colored pants and extra items I've pinned down to give you an idea on how to wear them. Stay tune for more complete looks for other new must have's soon available at Pure.

The red pant look was created with the help of an adorable 6-year-old who lives for fashion. Just lovely

Send your pre-orders in if you want to guarantee an item. Items sell fast as soon as they come in and would be ashamed if you missed this opportunity. E-mail:

Royal blue pant Naf.60,-
Red pant Naf. 60,-

Fuchsia/Pink pants Naf 60,-

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