Friday, July 20

Look who's back...!

Another hot trend this 2012 Summer/Spring season beside colored pants, peter pan collars, colorblocking with neons, and cropped tops is the tribal print pattern. This trend is not unfamiliar for fashion followers as these have been seen in and out the runway for a few years now. They come in zig zag patterns or as pyramid inspired patterns. Tribal "Aztec Indian" inspired prints are earthy-looking and the best part of it is that these are wearable with any colored shoes and bags as long as it fits within the colored spectrum of the outfit. The prints come in black and white or in color. If you don't own any tribal printed outfits yet and you still want to be stylish while on a budget, you may want to opt for tribal print earrings combined with wooden bangles instead. Another alternative is to purchase a tribal scarf or shoes. Yes! Tribal printed shoes are also available nowadays. Checkout the tribal print dresses we have available at Pure for only 50,- (talking about fashion on a budget) as seen on the runways and worn by celebrities.  I also took the liberty of showing you more tribal items that you can compliment your wardrobe with. Beside Aztec themed items there are also a few items outside of the idea that fits perfectly within this theme. Like those feather earrings you used to wear last year are great to use them again or those bead necklaces that were so in at one point in time can be worn all over again. Brown/beige wedge shoes will also do the trick! Be careful how you mix and match tribal print as it can become overwhelming to layer it with other tribal items. As mentioned in previous posts, print on print must be put finely together and a lot of people have a hard time doing so. Try to stay within those earthy colors that look natural on your skin (hint: nudes, beige, clover green) and that you can never go wrong with. Nevertheless, this look is surely a must have this season!

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