Wednesday, July 25

Fierce and fearless: Take this Fashion "Risk"

After watching the Bad Girls Club Reunion Season 8 a few weeks ago, I was delighted by the way the girls looked but one that caught my attention was Gia Sapp-Hernandez. Gia had a cutout black one shoulder jumpsuit on which she later explained was custom made. I immediately went online to look around for this jumpsuit to add to our collection but unfortunately wasn't able to locate where exactly she had it made from. This outfit clearly makes her look fierce and fearless and as a cast member of this unrated TV Reality show, the dress really played the part here. She went with it a little extreme as it features a deep cut out on her leg that goes all the way up to her butt. Yet it doesn't show any inappropriate body part. But fashion is fashion and I love a sister who takes these kinds of risks....Something I see we lack at times here on the island. Gia has this I don't give a s&*t attitude that makes her look kinda strong and sexy. So it wasn't just about her outfit, but she had the whole package. Attitude, personality and this stylish piece in her closet. Also I would like to note that Gia is a short girl (4"11) and some may think that because they're not tall, that this one-piece wouldn't fit nicely but that is not true, just checkout these pictures. So seeing we love this risky look we stocked in with a similar look not so close to the original piece but it is a long sleeve jumpsuit that features side and back cutouts just above your buttcheeks. This is also a very fierceful look for a club nightout. At least, if you want to stand out from the crowd. I also understand some of you ladies may be a bit shy, but if you want to dress to impress this is definitely THE LOOK to go for. Especially if you are a thick girl or one who has killer curves. 
The question is now what to pair this diva outfit with? Simple,... with personality and big teased hair ofcourse! ;)

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