Sunday, July 22

Sunday Cooldown

After a busy busy week for some of you, many will take this weekend to cool off from the past few days. This is the perfect chance to wear those casual pieces in your closet. One dress can make a family outing so much more fun. But if you are lacking in the casual department, I have collected two looks for you which are now accessible here to go onto your weekend feeling sexy, comfortable yet fashionable. First off we start with the long dresses. The dress featured in this article is striping colors, the material its made of feels very soft to the skin and it's THE look you want to wear for summer in this warm Caribbean weather. Click here to buy now.  Another great find for a cooloff day is to wear short rompers. These rompers are tight fitted, made from stretchy materials meaning that you can do a lot in these and features a back zipper for easier fit. They are striped which is always a plus and also a great look for beach day.
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Opportunity for dress fitting is always possible. 
I suggest you to visit the official Pure website to get your summer look on!!

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