Monday, July 23

Reduce your waistline instantly with these

The miracle dress!! We had these favorites in the past at Pure just a different print. Sold out quickly. It features black nylon side panels. As you all know, an outfit that is black will make you look instantly thinner. It disguises bulges, fat and other common problem areas we as women encounter. But what about a dress that has black hour glass figure shape panels purposely designed and placed to slim your waist? One of the most famous and well made side panel dress according to Online Mail is the Stella McCartney bodycon dress which has a retail price of 3,000 pounds. Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler and Kim Kardashian all are fans of the "optical illusion dress" as known in Hollywood. A great take on the designer dress is this tight-fitted one we have re-stocked which was a success in previous collections. It's up for sale at a very inexpensive price available in size Small, Medium and Large. The nylon used to create this piece flattens your abdomen area and instantly takes off inches from the side with the help of dark side panels.  Purchase this great inspired look at Pure.

Kate Winslet in white/black and red/black Stella McCartney dress. Live Tyler in blue McCartney dress.
Left to right: Kelly Clarkson, Mc Cartney 2011 F/W FW, Shop

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