Friday, August 24

Fall Colors: Thinking Cobalt Blue

Happy Friday bugs! The fall season is just around the corner! Ofcourse, very inconvenient for us who live in the Caribbean to rock a cool knitwear sweater, but let alone a trenchcoat in this sunny weather. So what´s the most closest solution to this problem for all us Caribbean fashion lovers? Try Fall colors instead.  For those of you that are not as ready yet to store your brights and colors away, go for the closest pop of color that goes against the traditional fall muted palette colors: Cobalt blue that is!

Big name designers that used cobalt blue in their collections or accents of it are such names as Diane von Furstenberg and Antoni & Alison. Not convinced to go totally cobalt blue? Tone your look down by wearing soft gold pumps and clutch but if you are more on the daring side go totally blue from top to bottom with these beautiful complimentary looks I´ve collected for you to give you an idea. Remember your makeup must be flawless and smokey blue, Ha ha!

Of course, you can always opt for wine red, forest green or blacks for fall but to stand up from the crowd THIS is the color to go for,..for sure!

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