Thursday, August 2

Put on a bandage: The Celebrity Dress

One of the most popular bodycon dresses in existence and top pic for many celebrity stylists for red carpet events is the famous Herve Leger Bandage Dress known as the Celebrity Dress. These curve-hugging dresses sell online for around $2,000 and up. Why so expensive? Firstly Herve is a luxury brand that I'm would die to wear one day :) Secondly, the high quality materials used to create these dresses to tighten the waistline and accentuate curves is expensive and thirdly, thanks to the help of A-listers who are seen with these constantly at major televised events, the value of these dresses also dramatically increased!
Needless to say, these are known as the miracle dress simply because it works like magic!
We have three types of bandage dresses that are a great take on the designer dress for only Naf 55,-. They feature fitted waist material that will automatically sculpt your figure (as seen on these celebrity pix) for the structured silhouette all gals strive to achieve.
The dresses we have available are beautiful on their own so please do not overdo it with accessoires. Just make sure you pair these girly outfits with strappy stilhettos and statement earrings!

Suggestion: Order 1 size smaller for an even fitter look!
Tip: For the thicker body kind, feel more confident in these dresses by wearing an undergarment like spanx!

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