Tuesday, August 14

Look what I've found :)

Looking through a few photos online from Emily B (Reality TV star of Love & Hip Hop shown at VH1 and stylist, for those in the unknown) I bumbed into this one. It immediately came to my attention that she is wearing a maxi dress with the same Aztec print and colors as the Yellow/Blue Contrast Tribal dress we have available at Pure. The bottom part of the dress we have is actually body hugging meaning that it fits tightly to your hips/legs which makes it so sexy and a favorite material for many. Trust me it doesn't fit the model like it would fit us :-D and what I like about this outfit is that it's at the same time a casual look (while the upper part of the dress is loose fitted and an open-back,..mmm quite sexy).
So we would like you to check out this outfit we have available by clicking on this link and order yours now while still in stock! It might not be the same as Emily's but it's surely a great take on the ASOS Aztec dress she has on her personal picture.

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