Wednesday, May 23

Day 2 @ Curacao Fashion Week - Highlights

Designer Charlyn Castro-Rojas surprised the audience last night by what we call wearable fashion. Her show closed off with this beautiful long sleeve gown seen in above picture made from beige sheer and nude and brown silk underneath with a luxurious open back. A very modest in the front dress with a twist in the back (deep open back) makes me think of red carpet-ish potential. The stunning details on this gown made it one of the favorites of the night. No wonder why she chose this dress to finalize the show. Beside admiration towards this dress one can say that the collection she showed yesterday evening was very versatile. You could see everything possible you can imagine that is in right now, from formal dresses to see through and lace blouses to checker button down shirt for both men and women to rompers, skinny silk and wide pants and shorts. She kept it simple yet it made an impact as each one of the designs were very well accepted by the public. I could hear those seated next to me giving appraisal to every model shown. Thanks to Charlyn for showing us a great men and women's wear collection.

Adha Zelma is a famous jewelry line based in New York by long time best friends Sheanan Bond and Cherise TrahanMiller. Their work has been featured in numerous prestigious magazines and online press such as Elle Vietnam, OK! Magazine and ESSENCE. Many celebrity A-listers have been spotted wearing Adha Zelma's designs such as Jennifer Lopez, Lala Vasquez, Keri Hilson and Michelle Williams to name a few.
During the fashion week show many chain inspired necklaces that cover the chest made from gold and silver metals were shown. A lot of feathers and precious stones were used to finish up the looks of the jewelry. Long and gaudy looking earrings inspired by ancient culture and folklore was the central theme of the collection. Fashionable items for the daring and fun individuals need to keep their eye on this line. 

Last but not least Eco-friendly fashion designer Ellen Willing from Holland shown her collection that was very light-weighted look. The dresses shown were made from materials that are really appropriate for this sunny weather as they are breezy and not tightly fitted to the body. Her use of neutral colors such as grey, soft blue and purple caters to the individual who like to keep it on the low and prefers comfort over high-fashion. Ellen also designed jackets, tops and shorts made out of colorful circular leather pieces sown together to create a complete look. What gives some of the pieces a twist is that they seem unfinished yet that is what makes it stylish. Her designs are original and gives a feeling of earthiness which is not very common in the fashion world. Ellen says she believes in "People, Planet and Profit" and this was clearly seen in the slow paced fashion show she put together as the models took their time to walk slowly and makeup used was natural looking with the hair simply tied into a bun. Thanks Ellen for giving us more insight into a different form of fashion,..ecological fashion that is!

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  1. I love caribbean fashion. I am from Barbados and been wanting to visit curacao


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