Wednesday, May 9

Styling for Pure. created by Bare Souls Agency

I just wanted to share,..well give you a sneek peak of these Moodboards that Leida DeMacedo Bernabela from Bare Souls Agency designed. These were created for our photo shoot on Saturday, April 28th and so it will help my readers have more insight of what we wanted to portray for this specific shoot. She put different looks together according to the themes I wanted and all I had to do was choose which one I wanted for the shots. Leida is a professional stylist and has helped out during the entire styling process by making adjustments, inspiring the models, made sure wardrobe change ran smoothly and assisted before, during and after each shoot. She runs a styling service in Curacao and apart of that ALSO offers PR & Marketing, Photography and Film services to her clients. If you want to get in touch with her feel free to LIKE Bare Souls Agency on Facebook and send her a message by clicking here . You will be able to see more of her styling work during the 2012 Curacao Fashion Week . I LOVE her! She is so easy to deal with and has the best attitude towards her job.

The first look created was Classic Chiq which featured Christal Chavarria. This is the Moodboard that Bare Souls created. Fluffy colorful yet classy dresses sold at Pure were used for this look. Jewelry provided by Jahzara Accessoires. The one I chose? Stay tune for final pics :)
Bottom right: Gold mesh dress still available. Lime/Navy dress still available at Pure. Price 50,-

Second shot featured model Daniela Job. Her look was centered around Preppy fashion. I did not want her to look like a high school girl but to have that business edge instead and don't forget cuteness. Somehow this look reminds me of Blaire of Gossip Girls. Anyway, for her looks Leida chose boyfriend jackets and tight dresses. Jewelry provided by Jahzara Accessoires.
Bottom left teal color dress still available in M. Bottom right skirt available in S. Top dress with pink bow available in L.

Third Look was Sexy Diva with Krystal Aniceta. We played a bit around with her look and ended up switching her to a group photo pic explained soon to you. But this is what Leida had for the dangerous seductive women in Curacao. Jewelry provided by Jahzara Accessoires.
Cat Jumpsuit still available in S. Bottom left all over sequin dress still available one size. Bottom right strapless  lace/off white dress still available in S.
Fourth look was a group photo of the girls. It featured Angie Ferreira, Lai Hae, Krystal Aniceta and Licaya Gouverneur. We wanted to add lots of color, glitter, lace, animal prints, sequins and GLAMOR! Everything a girl needs for a fun night out. Leida did a fabulous job in creating the party looks for the girls and made sure that Jahzara accessoires had the perfect pieces to compliment each outfit.
Key hole open back dress in black with shimmer on it still available in size M. Gold sequin top still available in size S
Last look involved Christal Chavarria and Daniela Job displaying 2012 Spring/Summer looks. Leida from Bare Souls Agency put together these looks that portray freshness, young and playful shots. Thanks a mill Leida :)
All looks above still available except loose black top with sequin lips.
I will post eventually the dresses/skirts/tops Pure still has available. A lot of the pieces were sold during Queen's day and we do not have many left. We will have a brand NEW collection mid May including Plus Size!!!


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