Thursday, May 10

Pure. ~* Behind the Scenes *~

Hey Purettes

Checkout some behind the scenes pictures of our cover shoots for the website. These were taken on April 28th by Diego Bernadina from Robert Volkerts Lifestyle Photography. I hereby would like to thank everyone again who has helped and supported Pure during the course of the past three to four months. We are getting there,..almost!

Special thanks to stylist Leida DeMacedo Bernabela and hubby from Bare Souls Agency. Leida, you are one of the most fantastic people I've worked with. A good eye for fashion is what she has, on point and guard with helping the models and came well prepared. I wanted to add that I contacted her only a few days before the event and she had her moodboards put together and EVERYTHING for styling of each model. You can contact her via Facebook by click here

Thank you to make-up artist Vendetta Maat, you made every model shine in their own right, I am 100% happy with my final make up artist pick! Check her out on FB, simply click here

Thank you to my friends and models; Angie Ferreira, Krystal Aniceta, Christal Lanooi-Chavarria, Licaya Gouverneur, Lai Hae Cheng, and Daniela Job for being so easy to work with and all your modeling skills. Even though the shoot took longer than expected, you never complained. You guys define beauty at its finest. Thank you to Mr. V and my friend Liandra Neuman for assisting us in everything we needed possible. You are a Rockstar!

Thanks to Robert Volkerts and Diego Bernadina for helping me in this entire creative process. You are truly professional photographers and I am looking forward to do even more business with you! Without you, these amazing pics to be online wouldn't be possible. Please check out their website by clicking here
Many many praise and thanks to Mundo Bizarro at Pietermaai for offering us the space and time for this shoot, special shout out to their wonderful staff who were patient and treated us right. You don't get to see people like that often everywhere..(that's a shame). You can checkout this wonderful spot for lunches, dinners, parties by going to their website here

A special thank you goes out to Jahzara Accessoires for lending us their stylish jewelry for this shoot. You will be able to see these wonderful pieces once the pictures are ready for the public to see. In the meantime please follow her on twitter @Jahzara Accessoires and LIKE her facebook page to get full access inside scoop of her complete jewelry collections.  Enjoy the pics ;)

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