Monday, May 21

Day 1 Recap - CIFW

Curacao International Fashion Week day 1 show started with an opening of wearable dresses from day time (business attire) to night life pieces (cocktail to gala dresses)  created by Washington Roberts. The Nigerian designer sure knows what we like. His use of shiny materials on solid colors made each one of the pieces timeless yet fashionable for this day and age...Seeing that bling is the "new" black. His show started off on neutral palette colors which later turned into dark red and forest green. It sure reminded me (a bit) of designer Tadashi Shoiji's latest collection' color use during the F/W 2012  NYC MB FW. The deep V neck cut was sure the central theme of his collection combined with side panels which always makes each figure even more flattering. Trust you me. The wide shiny pants is what I enjoyed the most but I was especially fascinated by the leather details on the dresses (Micheal Jackson "Thriller" music video inspired) which gave them an extra edge. Very rock star-ish and elegant at the same time.  Just look at this skirt at the top, black and gold high-waisted patterned blinging knee-length skirt,... it's sure something 2 live 4.

Next up, Aqua di Lara...In this all year long summer weather we all need stylish swimwear to show off. Not just stylish but sophistication is what designer Reyhan Sofraci portrayed during the fashion week. This high-end swimwear designer sure surpasses her client's expectations. Look at the piece I'm about to show you, this neutral canvas pattern is exactly what I mean with sophistication and elegance. Not to mention, exclusivity of her label which includes many sought after renowned names in the fashion industry such as Harp Bazaar and Canada's Next Top Model. Her creativity comes from European background combined with her own sense of fashion and worldwide travel experiences. Aqua di Lara is a prestigious brand sought after many beach lovers who appreciate good fashion and lingerie inspired beach wear. Without further ado, please Enjoy!

Jewelry by Charles Albert

Jewelry by Charles Albert

To see how the show finalized on day one please Continue Reading now...
The last part of the first night sure was a colorful one. Full of neon bright colors (fucsia, orange, aqua)  is what designer Giannina Azar brought to the table  for us tonight. Her collection is inspired by "Indian" Aztec influence which brings a natural reaction to the mind. The images of stones, and gold emblemishes is what immediately pops. It sure did! Each piece was just lovely. Neons are really in right now and each fashionista will surely tell you that you need at least one piece of neon statement in your wardrobe for this S/S season. Wether it is a pair of shoe, clutch or finger nail color, it is a must have for the year! Bejeweled toned beachwear is what excelled during her fashion show. And lots and lots of it. Beach wear cover-ups and resort wear which are by the way very very wearable in the day to day life is what you can expect from Giannina. I especially noticed during this period that a lot of Indian inspired tops are in, she really did a good job in incorporating those fashion pics of the season into her spring/summer line. Perhaps words are not enough to express the gratitude I felt while watching this part of the show, coming from a sunny island where beach and sun run through our veins... so please make yourself at home.

Left: Designer Giannina Azar

We invite you tomorrow starting from 6.30 PM at the Curacao Hilton for Day 2 in company of many fashion-influenced individuals and well-known designers around the globe!

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