Saturday, May 12

5 nights in Heaven

In fashion heaven that is! Days are getting by so fast. Almost just a week away to start enjoying 20 plus collections shown during Curacao International Fashion Week- five night event. I can only imagine all of the designers rushing up to prepare, calculate and finishing up all details of their art for this event. It totally reminds me of Project Runway challenges. All the stress and tension is building up but with all their hard work and dedication we as the audience and themselves will see great rewards,..can't wait! It is a MUST see fashion show, trust you me. This high-end event will start off on Monday, May 21st at the Hilton Curacao and closes off on the 25th followed by an after party. Tickets are available for sale simply go to and make sure you "Like" their fan page on Facebook here to access last minute details, information on participating designers, schedule, cool videos and pictures!

You already know their motto "Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the history!"- CIFW

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