Saturday, March 17

Versatility Rocks!

All over Checker board printed dresses? see through lace outfits?  Maybe it's a little bit too much for you but the truth of the matter is that it is crucial to add versatility to your wardrobe. Versatility stands for different, so what we mean is that a versatile wardrobe will help you differentiate from the rest. Fashion is fun and therefore you should be enjoying wearing daring-fun looks from time to time. Fashion is all about being different, trying on things that most people wouldn't and getting the attention for doing so. But if you are like most of the fashion bugs outthere, you may be a bit hesitant about wearing outfits that you may think "If I just were a celebrity, I would". Guess what, you can as well. You just might need to tone it down a bit. So instead of an all over checker board printed dress try instead looks like this high waisted checkboard pattern skirt we have available for sale at ANG. 50,-

Ref# 02-01: Lime and black checkerboard skirt size S, M & L available
Fashion Tip: If you would like to add a "wow" effect to these skirts, try them on with neon blouses (hot  pink, electric blue, mandarin orange). It creates that colorblock effect that's so wanted during spring and summer runway shows. **Remember high-waisted skirts always give you a more hour glass shape appeal which is always sexy**

Ref# 02-02: Black and white checkerboard skirt size S, M & L available

We've seen A-listers such as Rhianna and Fergie wearing all over see through dresses made out of mesh, chiffon and/or lace on the red carpet. These looks can be easily toned down to get the right kind of attention. Instead of an all over transparent dress, try dresses that have these materials partially incorporated into them or have them as an overlay. Think about this gorgeous turtle neck lace dress with small back opening we have available at Pure for just fifty guilders. It is elegant and perfect for corporate gatherings, date night, and high-end events. Another fabulous look is the 3rd dress shown below which is trendy and yet sophisticated.

Ref# 01-35: Nude dress with lace overlay dress fits size Small and Medium.

Ref# 02-36: Black V neck with pattern detail in front, ties at the back of neck. Size Small

Ref# 02-37: One-piece dress with black lace detail combined with hot pink skirt. One size
Back view one-piece dress

Other versatile looks we have available at the moment is a button down sleeveless loose-fitting shirt that is ideal for the daytime. Most of us are used to wear tight-fitting clothing and this will give you the correct amount of versatility. This look will feel different and above all it is comfortable for our sunny weather. It is see-through which is highly in demand now and on top of it, you can wear it as a shirt paired with jeggings or simply wear it as a dress by added a belt and rock-inspired boots. If you want this look for less place your order now to

Ref# 03-01: One size fits all! (Belt not included). This shirt is perfect for full-figured ladies as the vertical thin stripes will give you the illusion of a more slender shape.

Check out this picture we found of a fashion show where model rocked a similar looking shirt with a belt and to-die-for shoes. Adding a belt will give you an even slender look.