Saturday, March 17

Looks for attendee at Curacao Fashion Week

If you are somewhat like me, you are probably already in the know about Curacao Fashion Week. And you may also be interested in attending the shows. This is the very first Fashion Week in Curacao and we are excited to be there. Can't wait. Now, I already started thinking what I can wear to this event. Seeing that the show lasts for five consecutive days, if you plan to attend all five days like myself, your closet must be "red carpet" ready.
Now, I have been streaming fashion shows as you already know for a very long time, many probably think that because fashion week is such a fashionable recognized event around the world, that people will dress with over-the-top outfits drawing all eyes on them. Well, the truth of the matter is that it's almost always the opposite....well at least only during Fashion Week. Over-the-top daring looks are mostly worn by celebrities during the Grammy's and Oscars only.  That is their time to shine. So there is a time and place for every outfit.

Since these shows ( Paris, NYC, Milan Fashion Week and the list goes on) are almost impossible for people like me to attend (unless you sign up for volunteering, or you're media or by invite only), I can't help but settle to live- streaming. But even so, it doesn't stop me to always try to look through the audience to see what the attendees are wearing and if I see any familiar face like celebrities and the like. I happen to notice that people who attend to these events mostly wear designer wear. For example, if they were invited to the Tadashi Shoji fashion show, then they are most likely going to wear a Tadashi Shoji piece. Also, they stick to classic looks. Things that won't draw too much attention on them as the show is dedicated to the designer and his work. I assume that's a way of showing support and respect. Remember as I mentioned earlier, it's meant to show support to the designer and not taking the attention away from their show thanks to an outrageous choice of outfit. I suggest you to leave that for a party or better yet, your own party to come.
Fashion Week in Curacao sounds to be huge. And ofcourse you must be well dressed to show 'em what you've got. Media will also be present so you might end up in pictures that you'll have to face for the rest of your life. I suggest you to wear something modest but yet a bit sexy, and don't forget fashionable with class! Putting your own little twist to each outfit will do the trick. And if with a twist you mean a huge bow as a decor piece on your head, even though it's cute, it's probably not the best idea seeing that you may disturb the audience around you to watch the show. I like bows myself, Lady Gaga introduced them finely and so does the youngest designer around Ms. Casinni but things like that are probably not the best choice for a fashion show. Try statement pieces that are less distracting to the eye like a bow tie instead. It's professional looking yet stylish.

As part of promo for the opening of the e-store due in June, we have selected four key possible looks that you can never go wrong with for these kind of high-end events. They sell at 50 guilders each and can be ordered by e-mailing It's never too late to prepare for such a magnificent event! For more information on ticket purchasing and event schedule please go to and don't forget to become their fan on Facebook. Please continue reading to check out our Curacao Fashion Week suggestions for sale now...

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