Saturday, March 17

Interseasonal Fashion

I don't know if you fashionistas out there happen to notice something that's never missing during catwalk shows. It is something that gives that touch of elegance to every outfit. And most of us are still loving it. It was seen from the 2008 Spring/ Summer runway shows all the way to Fall/ Winter 2012 fashion week. It's inter-seasonal and something that never wore old. Designers know that this will add sophistication to each piece they create. Not only that,this type of fashion is wearable through the entire year according to example of past runway shows. For the love of lace, It's lace! I love the idea of lace to my outfits. It makes life so much simpler because the detail is already so eye-catching that I don't have to do much to an outfit. Lace is also timeless which is good. As stated in a previous article by Pure about "Timeless Fashion", it is important to owe timeless fashion statements that you can use over and over again without it being out of style. And inter-seasonal fashion is a perfect example.

I have done a little research about lace and designers that used lace during fashion week shows and here is the proof,.. the runway! It was in since 2008 all the way to 2012 and i know i mention him a lot, Tadashi simply put it elegantly together during the showcase of the 2012  MB FW with deep red and forest  green velvet gowns. I'm a fan of lace myself and looking forward to see it in other what other ways of wearing lace during 2013 fashion shows. Feel free to order your lace outfit with us by e-mailing These are in promotion for just 50,- each. Details of the dresses are described below.

Long sleeve lace-leopard dress size Medium-Large

Long sleeve lace blouse Size Small-Medium

Sleeveless nude dress with lace overlay fits size Small-Medium

One shoulder silk dress with lace overlay fits size Medium-Large

Interseasonal Fashion also is good for our pockets. As these are styles that are wearable throughout the new year because it simply goes out of style less quick than seasonal fashion. ( Summer/Spring and Fall/Winter collections) Checkout a few pictures of fashion shows throughout the years

Prada 2008 Fashion show

Christian Lacroix 2009 Fall collection

2008 Fashion Show

Dolce & Gabanna 2011 Fashion show
London FW 2012 The Erden collection