Wednesday, March 21


Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It´s the most recognizable marketing principle used which abbreviation is quite sexy we must admit, namely KISS!

Keeping it simple means keeping it simple. There are no ifs, ands or buts. Simplicity in the fashion world means less is best and we nod our heads while thinking it through. We encourage you to minimize common fashion mistakes by chosing Simplicity!

Maybe you are less risky than others, some find it attractive but some think it´s just plain. But the truth of the matter is that you can never go wrong with simple looks.  If you are in doubt what to wear to certain type of events, we suggest you to simply put on a black dress and flaunt it. Black dresses are versatile and simple, therefore it works for any type of event whether it's day or night a gala or just cocktails wth your besties.
Don´t let them fool ya either, it´s not about what you wear but more how you carry yourself among the crowd. Attitude and confidence is the best accessory a girl must have. Point blank! I'm sure you heard about this before AND every guy I've spoken with about this matter definately agrees.

But back to basics! We have many simple dresses left in the collection that you might like. To check out our collection keep checking our blogspot as we will break it down for you step by step. We will have a huge collection soon so stay tune for that as well since we will explain how to wear them, where to wear them and how to get to them :) . Remember about our pay by the end-of-the month offer!

As far as it comes with the collction that we have available now for sale, we don't have many pieces left, unfortunately. As a good Yu di Korsow would say; " Nan a bai mane pan kayente dus hasi lihe paso esun ku jega prome lo bebe awa limpi!" , so it's our job to show you what we have left.
And please don't mind, as mentioned above we will soon have a bigger and better collection prepared for you at the same reasonable price of fifty guilders. Check our gallery of photos by continue reading.

Keep in mind beautiful ladies: Simplicity is the key to always be in style...with just the right attitude!
So instead of us using Keep it Simple, Stupid! KISS term, we prefer referring it to Keep It Simple, Sassy!

Click on link below to check out the pieces left that can be ordered by e-mailing

Apparel Gallery of First Collection PROMO from Pure. Runway Look. More clothes to come..!!

Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt
Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt
Sizes Small, Medium & Large available. Stretch fabric high waisted skirt

Keyhole black dress with studs details. Fits size M/L
Pink strapless dress fits S/M

Scoop neck sequin black dress. Fits size M/L
Apricot Cardigan one size & see through leggings (2) available in size Small

sheer long sleeve black cardigan wearable many styles
Each piece sells at FIFTY ANTILLEAN GUILDERS with a flat rate shipping of NAF. 7,50
You also have the option of picking up your order to save shipping costs. Opportunity available for customers who want to pay at the end of the month! Don't hesitate, us today