Saturday, March 17

Pure. Runway Look for Less

To our dear Purettes,

This is a section of Pure tips and what to buy from us now in stock as part of Promotion!

People who love to dress with what's in style has the right to be able to do so. I've always been a fashion junkie but to keep ahold with what people consider to be "fashionable" in these changing times is hard. You either spend too much money on only three or four dresses or can't afford to spend your whole salary on outfits and you end up buying one simple dress that costs you 80,- or more (well at some places you can get same dresses for less but you got to look around). So it is important for fashion bugs like myself  to have a budget when it comes to clothing expenses. I am the type of girl that sets only 50,- aside monthly and buy one statement piece. It is very important to spend your money wisely. So I suggest you spend it on one fashionable item that is timeless. If you do this monthly, this will slowly but securely make your wardrobe complete. Make sure it is an item that won't wear old by time. Trends come and go but you can never go wrong with looks that are classic like a blazer jacket, an oversize bag, a black dress or flared jeans.
These are items that you can mix and match and rematch from casual to clubwear.
Check out these timeless pieces items that we have available as part of our promo for until official launch of the website.

For Sale Ref# 01-26 chiffon blouse: One-size fits all! Create a deep V-cut blouse wearable to fashionable events. Best worn with jeans or shorts. Continue reading for more styles to wear this blouse
This one-size black feather print open chiffon cardigan is a perfect example of a timeless piece. The following pictures show you how you can use one statement piece make it from casual to party wear. Check out the many styles you can wear it. And we have it available for Fl. 50,-

Tuck the blouse in for a more deeper V look

Tie the ends of the cardigan into a knot for a more relaxed  look. Ideal to finish off with skinny jeans and an oversize bag to give it a bohemian touch.

Wearing it with a belt will slim your waist and give you the impression of an hour glass figure. Best if worn with long jeans.

Or simply wear it as an open cardigan for the perfect office apparel look. Combine with leisure pants or knee-length skirt. The see through chiffon and the feather print gives it a touch of elegance.

Item sells at Pure Runway Look e-store for just for NAF 50,-
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